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Speakeasy, Sandana, Sherlock Mini Set of 3

Natu Handcraft Studio

Speakeasy, Sandana, Sherlock Mini Set of 3

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Enjoy all three scents of the Sepia Collection in mini-me's of the 7 oz candles.

Have a play with the candles - light them all at the same time and let the scents mix in the air. After all, life is more exciting with a little variety!

Speakeasy - cedarwood, fir needle, tobacco, bergamot, bay leaf

Sandana - sandalwood, lavender, vanilla, cedarwood, ylangylang, frankincense

Sherlockspiced musk, suede, geranium, tobacco, bergamot, leather, cypress, sandalwood


3.5 ounces each of beeswax and coconut with wooden wicks, contained in glossy amber glass jars with black metal lids