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Peace Soy & Beeswax Candle

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"I am at peace"⁠
"I am balanced"⁠
Let these words manifest from intentions and make it your reality.⁠

Fire up the Peace candle's wooden wick and fill your home with the fine scent of lavender fields. Focus on the present, let lavender melt your worries away, and allow yourself to be at peace. ⁠
Amethyst crystal is known as the "all-healer". Widely used in feng shui practices, the purple crystal is a prominent healing crystal that purifies both spiritual and physical energy fields. ⁠

Add a Palo Santo stick to cleanse the crystals and enjoy it's sweet, woody waft.

Scent: Lavender Fields

Topped with amethyst, moonstone, lavender, calendula


Burn time: 50 hours



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